Friday, July 17, 2009

The secret to Success

Hello to all, I hope you had a wonderful week so far...

Today's topic is critical, I will reveal the secret to success in any endeavor you wish to follow.

Are you ready?... Ok, here it goes...

The recipe has 2 ingredients:
1. A big dream
2. The will to go get it

Well, there you go! We need to begin by remembering all the great dreams we had in the past and that we have slowly forgotten. First we need to remember, and if we didn't have one clearly defined, then we need to visualize how our dream life would be like if we didn't have any limitations. Then once we have it, we need to ask ourselves the very sincere question: Am I willing to go after it? and here is where the recipe is finally complete, and the impossible is made possible. If our will to succeed is much stronger than our fear of making mistakes, then we are on our way, but if we fear more our possibility of being mistaken, then the rational decision would be not to try.

You have the recipe, it is now up to you to decide whether you are going to cook it or not.

Have a wonderful day!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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