Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is easy to do, is also easy not to do.

Hello to all! I recently heard that phrase from Jim Rohn, and I thought it was very profound!!

Think about it... What is easy to do, is also easy NOT to do.

First let’s define EASY: Something that you already know how to do.
That is a very simple way to put it, if we already know how to do something we think is easy, and those things we don't know how to do, we think are difficult.

Well there are many things we already know how to do, and yet we don't do them!

You may ask, things like what?
Well... Do you know how to eat right?
Do you know to be responsible?
Do you know how to be a good friend?
Do you know how to be a good spouse?
Do you know how to be a good son/parent?

I guess we can say YES to all of them, and yet they are so easy to do, that we sometimes don't do them.

Do you want wealth, health, success, recognition? Its EASY! But very few of us do it, why? Because it is also easy not to do them.

Do yourself a favor, live everyday, DOING the easy things!

The problem comes when we think, they are so easy that we don't need to work on them, and there is where we slip.

We need to work harder on the easy things, than we do on anythings else in our lives.

Doing the easy things is what makes us better everyday, and that is what leads to the health, wealth, success and recognition.

Go out there and call you parents and tell them you love them, call a friend to say hello, excercise and eat right! They are all easy and you will be amazed at the impact they will have on your life!

Until next time!

Have wonderful day!

Federico Ruiz

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