Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get away and discover all the great things of life

Hello to all, this past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a Beach place in my country (Venezuela) called Caruao. We went there to celebrate my moms 60th birthday, and had an awesome time.

The stay is designed to get you disconnected from the "everyday routine", there is nothing that you need to think about except for enjoying the view, beach, the rivers, etc.

Since you have a lot of time to think, I came up with the following learnings from the trip:
1. There are many great places and sites on this earth, for us to be spending most of our life inside four walls.
2. Isn't it funny that we need to spend a few days "away" in order to forget our "everyday routine"? Isn't that telling us that we don't relly like and enjoy what we do everyday?
3. Going to these awesome places costs money, but wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to think about that? Would you enjoy it more if they were free?
4. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy places like these more often?, How about whenever you want?
5. When its over we usually say something like "Back to reality", Wouldn't it be great if living like that was our reality?

And I could go on, but you get the message. What I am really glad and proud of myself is that I am currently working to make all those questions dissapear from my life, and make my reality my dream life.

My question to you today is this: What are you doing to make those questions and many others you certainly know, go away?

I am not going to say "LIfe's too Short", but I am going to say "Life's too great" so we should be spending more time enjoying all the great things it has to offer...

So my advice, is plan a getaway weekend and make sure you enjoy it, and remember how that feels, it could be a great motivator to move to make the necessary adjustments in your life.
Leave the phone, and stop trying to stop thinking about work. Sit back, relax, enjoy and remember.

Maybe someday we might bump into each other!

See you around!

Have a wonderful week.

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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