Monday, July 13, 2009

Being more successful than others, or through others success?

Hello to all, first I wanted to apologize for not posting on Friday, I was caught up in urgent things, but here is the good news, I will post three times this week!!

OK, getting to today's topic... What do you really want? You want to be more successful than others or you want to achieve success through others success?

If you thought the second one is the same as taking advantage of others, then you think I am a very horrible person!! :)

Here is what I want you to reflect about: We all want to be continually moving forward and achieving greater and greater success, but if you approach it as YOU being the successful one, then there is a certain degree of selfishness that is not really helpful to our personal growth and prosperity mentality.

Now if you think about being an enabler of others success, that people come to you for advice, or for a partner, and working together is what helps them achieve success, then this selfless approach is simply much more successful in the long run.

To put it more simply, think about if your friends and coleagues would write an autobiography, would you be in them?

Being part of someone's life is simply the greatest success we can achieve, but not as a hindrance but as the enabler.

The challenge is to be ready to help, always have a good piece of advice to give and don't expect anything in return... if we do this, many great things will continually come our way.

I hope that with some of my comments here I am enabling you to be a little more successful everyday!

Have a nice day!!

Until Tomorrow!!

Federico Ruiz

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