Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say it!... and your team will emerge

Hello to all, today's topic I think touches on a common belief about success, that I think we have it upside down.

I have seen many many times, and I include myself here, that whenever we have a project, or a great idea about something, we keep it secret so nobody will steal our million dollar idea... Sounds Familiar? I thought so!

But after learning about how success really works, I came to the conclusion that nothing could be further from the truth!

The fact that we believe that not telling others, will somehow help us achieve what we are looking for is simply crazy! This thinking comes from the "lack" mentality, the "not enough" line of thinking, is this ladies and gentlemen is the root of all the things missing in our lives today.

If we have a great idea, we need to tell the world, we need to say it out loud, so everybody knows what we are up to, and if our dreams and vision match theirs, then they will help us make it happen.

Another thing that happens when we "Say it" is that we are putting our word on the line and our reputation, knowing that everybody knows what we are looking for, inspires us to make sure we make it happen.

Who here wants to hear everybody say that we are a failure? Nobody right...Well there are two options, either we say it and keep on trying until we do it, even if we find other ways how NOT to do it, or not saying anything and not trying anything, because we can't fail at that we didn't try.

The choice is yours, but if you are on the side of DOERS, then I guess you will choose the way of trying until you do! I cheer for that!!

So, Are you looking for the best and most talented team members to achieve great things? Then Say it! and your team will emerge!

There are millions of people looking for a team, you will never get them if they didn't know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!!

Federico Ruiz

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