Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The thermometer and the thermostat"

Hello to all!... For the sake of integrity, let me clear up that the title is not a creation of mine, I have extracted it from the book "Tribes" which I have mention here before.

I finally finished the book yesterday, while waiting for my wife to get her passport... and in the last pages I found a few jewels that I will be sharing with you in future posts.

When looking at the title is easy to see they are both tools related to temperature, but one of them has a greater punch.

The thermometer: lets you know the temperature.
This is certainly important when you think about it. Knowing the temperature, depending on what you are doing, will certainly trigger you to take action, and I will use three examples.

You can use the thermometer to know your body temperature, and depending on what it reads, you take appropriate action. You can set the A/C on you house, office or car to a certain temperature that you find agreeable. You use it to see the temperature of your oven if you are baking a cake. So as we see, thermometers are useful, but they are only indicators...

The thermostat: Regulates the temperature
The thermostat teams with the thermometer, but to make a difference, the thermostat is able to change, to correct according to the ever changing conditions.

Our body has its own thermostat, when we are hot, we sweat; when we are cold we shiver; and keeping this temperature balanced in what keeps our body alive, a few degrees up or down and we are in trouble.
The A/C could freeze us cold if it continues to pour out cold air, is the thermostat that makes it pleasant, that adapts, that directs the actions.
The cake wouldn't taste as good if the oven didn't maintain the temperature, it would either burn or not cook at all...

What do we get from all these examples? The thermostat is a leader, the thermometer is a follower.

Who would you rather be? Just a message? Or the one who uses the message and creates change, improvement, who makes the difference between alive or dead, comfortable or freezing, a good cake or a terrible one.

My invitation to you, is that you become a thermostat, that you are constantly tracking your environment and make the necessary adjustments to make the world a better place.

Have a wonderful week!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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