Friday, June 5, 2009

What Tribes do you belong to?

Hello... recently I started to read a book called "Tribes" from Seth Godin. I really recommend it even though I have been through 20% of it...

The interesting thing about the book is the concept of Tribes... A tribe is a group of people with common interests. As simple as that.

While reading it, I started to think about what tribes I currently belong to, and it turns out we belong to many, many tribes... They could be sports related, hobby related, organizational and on and on...

This really puts out into the open the human necessity to "belong", we all need to belong to something bigger than ourselves, its our nature. We are attracted to the tribes if we see in them things we see in ourselves.

Now since this Blog is about growth and prosperity, think about the tribes, that you would like to belong, but you currently don't... Why is that?, What is keeping you from being a part of it? and also think about the tribes that you currently belong, but are not necessarily useful to you...

Changing Tribes means you changed the way you think and the way you act. So my challenge to you is that you do some house cleaning and stay in the tribes that bring Joy and Happiness to you, and start working your way into those you currently admire. Once inside new doors will be opened.

And then take the ultimate step, Lead the tribe!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Federico Ruiz

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