Monday, June 1, 2009

The Lotus Code, the roadmap to success... Part 2

Hello to all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend...

As I mentioned last week this week I will be touching on the Lotus Code part 2... Acting upon it.

Before we start let's review the code:
Thoughts lead to Words
Words lead to Actions
Actions lead to Habits
Habits lead to Perseverance
Perseverance leads to Attainment
If we see this picture from the perspective of thoughts, it seems as though its an uphill battle all the way to attainment, but the reality is that somewhere between Actions and Habits, our weight will tip the board and it is a downhill road from then on...

This happens with everything we do in our lives, sports, work, art, the more we do it the better we get at it, and then it seems as if nothing is simpler.

Well that's what the lotus code is summarizing, but as you can see, we do have to put the effort and the time to take actions and turn them into habits.

If you think going all the way is too much, at least go half way, and from then on, it will be harder to go back that to enjoy your progress!

Have a wonderful week!

Federico Ruiz

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