Friday, June 19, 2009

Hypnotic Self-Regression...

Hello to all!, I am pretty sure a Hypnotic Self-Regression is something any Psychologist would say is impossible, and since I am not a Psychologist consider who it came from!

The idea behind this recently-made-up technique, is to try to go back to that point in time in our life where nothing seemed impossible, where we were vice-free, and limitation-less.

I have written about this same topic in the past, but today I have another tip...

In our heads there is usually a board of directors meeting going on, deciding what is possible, what isn't, if its good for us or not, etc. For those of you who have participated in meetings, you know that many times they go nowhere, and are a waste of time. The same thing happens in our head we spend so much time evaluating, analysing, discussing, and we get nothing done. All this board of directors discussion does, is delay our decisions and many times, miss great opportunities. The different members are like different parts of you that just can't agree on things.

Well my advice for today is to bring into the board a 5-year-old kid. Yes, strive to think like a kid once-in-a-while!!! They usually come up with the simplest, boldest decisions. They are not contaminated with the "no", "can't", "fear" type of words that limits you and me every single day.

Weren't we having more fun when we were kids? Hey let's go have fun again!!

Like Jim Rohn said: " The best challenge in the world.... Let's Go Do It!"

So today's recommendation, go out and find the most childish adult friend you can find and dare them... I am pretty sure you will accomplish great things.

Forget your limitations, think about the possibilities!!!

Have wonderful weekend!!

Till next time!

Federico Ruiz

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