Friday, March 27, 2009

What gets you off the bed early?

Sometime ago I was asked this question, and to be perfectly honest I didn't have an answer right away. But it was a pretty good way to ask what excites you? and usually what drives us, also makes us happy.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a night person, going to bed at 1.30am is not uncommon. Obviously getting off the bed early is not necessarily a strong suit of mine, not because I sleep a lot but because I go to sleep late. Ok, but the story I wanted to share with you today is about something that happened just 2 days ago.

I had gone to bed around 2.30am, and at 6.30am, my cell phone rang... I was really asleep, and I never get calls at that time of day, so I picked up the phone imagining, What could've possible happened? I admit I was a little worried.

Turns out it was the delivery guy, the guy that brings me my Business Tools and my Products.

When I realized it was him, I could've felt like he was abussive and disrespectful, for calling me at that time, but it turns out I felt joy. I was receiving the tools I need to keep on building my future.

Now, after I received my stuff, I wonder if I would have felt the same way, were it something I didn't want to do?

What if your boss calls you and wakes you up in the middle of the night?
How do you feel, when you HAVE to wake up to go somewhere you don't want to go? It's hard isn't it?

Now consider the time when you had to wake up really early to start your vacations? It doesn't hurt as bad!

The point I am trying to make today, is that we can tell if we are doing what we really love doing, if when we get out of the bed, we feel lucky to have a new day, proud of the tasks that are coming our way during the day. We gather strength just by thinking about it and a grin shows up in our face.

How do yo feel when you get out of bed?
Reflect on your answer and then have a serious meeting with yourself, to either change it or make it even better!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

Federico Ruiz

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