Monday, March 9, 2009

My perspective on LIFESTYLE

I don't know what you think lifestyle is, but I will tell you what I have come to understand it is.

Lifestyle is simply how you live life, and every one of us has its own perception of what that is.

We adventure to judge whether someone is living a dream life or not, but don't care to look at our own lives. Many times the words "has a lot of money" go together with "lifestyle". But if you are one of those who reduce lifestyle to money, you need to open your eyes a little wider.

Lifestyle it’s about living a good life, and that definition if different to different people. Also, lifestyle is not about the money you have, but what you do with it.

I have read that 90% of the personal bankruptcies in the US were for $1000 or less, so can you imagine a change in Lifestyle that can be created with an additional $1000 per month?

Lifestyle it’s about enjoying life, doing the things you want to do, going to places where you want to go, helping the causes that move you, or [put your personal phrase here].

My challenge to you this week is to stop rating your life based on money alone, money in this world is an enabler (A key enabler you might say), but all it does is give you options, choices… All that money in the bank and no good use for it is sad. Start looking at your life in terms of dreams achieved and new dreams.

A family member told me a few months back, we are as valuable as the choices we have, and I believe that, so go out there and make your life a life full of choices.

Start planning that new trip, start testing that new car, go out there and help your favorite cause. Do it because you can…

Till next time!

Federico Ruiz

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