Monday, March 23, 2009

Have you noticed that most things in life start with "U"?

First I hope everyone had a blast this weekend, and if you didn't you should have!! So don't miss the next one! (Or any day for that matter)

Anyway, during the weekend I did some sorting regarding the things we want and cherish most in life, and was amazed at how they all began with "U".

What were those things? well, in my list were:

Freedom, Family, Happiness, Relationships, Friends, Love, Faith, Money, Laughter and many more, and as you can clearly see they all start with YOU.

Our life is like a big screen that reflects what we (The projector) beams out.

If you had a lens projecting out what is inside you, would you go see that movie? Would it be rated G or R?

If the movie we put out is awesome I can guarantee you that the room will be filled with viewers, and some of those viewers will help you create an even better movie, for some of those your movie will be a source of inspiration. Now, if your room is empty, is perhaps time to check your own movie and maybe create a better one.

Here is today's challenge for you...

Let's see who wins the Oscars!

It´s on!!!

Have a wonderful week and see you on Friday!

Federico Ruiz

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