Friday, March 20, 2009

The Best University/College Major ever!

Since today is friday, and we can't wait to plunge into the weekend, today's story needs you use your imagination a little... It will only take you about 5 minutes.

Many of us, have either gone to college/university, some of us have decided for a technical career, and some of us, have gone to the school of life. All walks of life apply perfectly so in summary I am talking to everybody out there.

Anyway, imagine just for a minute, that when you graduated High School and you were sorting over where would you go to school next and spend the next five years of your life learning new skills, new tools and "becoming" an engineer, CPA, CFA, mechanic, Doctor, Teacher, you suddenly come across one major/career, that offers its students something different, that until that day you thought was impossible.

The details, look like this.

Sign Up Fee: Very Low (from $250) (This is just an example!)
Monthly Fee: From $150 a month.

Main Objective: FREEDOM

Objectives: To develop leadership and people skills, so current students can qualify to be part of the teaching staff.

Teaching Staff: You can choose the teacher you want anywhere in the world and they will be willing to teach you for free, if you are really willing to pay attention.

Testing: You design and answer your own tests, the harder you are willing to put yourself to the test the sooner you can accomplish graduation day. To complete the program the ideal testing cycle is at least once a week. Most test consist in how effectively you are able to tell you friends and family what your major is about.

What do you get by participating in this program:
  • The university will recognize those students who are better able to communicate the University's objectives with cash bonuses.
  • One of the main programs of the University includes getting your health and wellness to the best possible shape.
  • Sophomores and above are required to offer their experiences to freshmen students on a regular basis, and their internship will consist of teaching the new students.
  • By fully completing this program, as soon as you graduate you are guaranteed to enjoy all the freedom you ever wanted, financially, time and worry-wise.
There are no previous tests or qualifications, all you need is your desire to participate.

Sign Up Today. (End of the brochure)

If you saw a major at a university, that offered something like this would you be willing to participate?
Even if you already graduated, would you be willing to go "Back to School"?

In my particular case, I am an engineer, and I DECIDED to become and engineer while still in High School. Then I got into Engineering and even though it was not easy sometimes, I ALWAYS KNEW I was going to be an engineer, no matter how long it took me, no matter how many hours of study I had to go through.

I was willing to do it, and I did it!
The only difference is that when I finished school, that was actually the beginning. I had the tools, but road was still ahead of me.

In this university, by going through school you are already walking down the road to freedom, and when you graduate, you are free.

That's the university I am in, and I can't wait until I graduate.

See you at Prom Night!

Until Monday!

Federico Ruiz

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