Monday, March 16, 2009

Do you have the Drive to be better?

Since the purpose of this blog is about challenging you to end the day a little (or a lot) better than you were when it started, I think is fair to ask you... Do you have DRIVE to improve everyday?

Improving is one of lives greatest feelings, because it makes you feel you did something, you converted time into knowledge or into something tangible.

When I was younger I dreamt about having the skills of the people I admired, whether it be in sports, school, business, etc. I focused on attaining the things you can SEE, like grades, a special move, the money, but I was focusing on the WRONG things. Those things are the result of something a lot more special, and that is the way we THINK.

To model somebody, we need not DO what they do, but rather THINK how the think. This became perfectly clear while going over a Trading Course from Van K Tharp. Most of the things we do are a direct reflection of how we think, is the decisions we make that determines what we ultimately do.

If you really admire somebody, focus on trying to decode the way they think, that is the faster way to attain their success.

When can we start this process? How about NOW!!!!

If you believe you are the best that you can be, then you must feel absolutely awesome, but if you know you can make some changes, STOP WAITING, act.

To close I will quote a great mentor. Mr Jim Rohn: "Is not the blowing of the wind that determines your future, but the set of the sail", have the drive to improve, to set a better sail this year than last year, and you will see how your ship will steer towards success and achievement.

Have a wonderful day,
See you on Friday!

Federico Ruiz

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