Friday, May 8, 2009

A wake up call!

Hello to all, today I wish I will become one of those things we have on top of our nightstand and we tend to hate in the early hours of the weekdays... The alarm clock!

Yes an alarm clock is a device used to wake us up, it cuts our dreams and shoves reality in our face, it tells us, the day begins now....

Well, apparently I fell like being bad to you today, but it is quite the opposite, because I want to be the alarm clock that wakes up your dreams.

In our society today it seems that growing up means putting your dreams behind.
When we are kids (4-10 yo), our life is based on dreams, we are able to create whatever reality we want and we are very good at it. Suddenly we start piling up years (15-20 yo) and the dreams are not so easy to live, but we still have them. This has a particular twist to it, we see them in the future, we believe that as soon as we are given a chance to earn our living we will get them.
The clock keeps on ticking and somewhere we talk about our dreams as things of the past!!! we use phrases like "I remember when I wanted... but....."

Today I want to be an alarm clock to wake you up and steer you away from this path, and hopefully getting your dreams back on the driver's seat.

During the weekend give yourself some time to remember and why not, build new dreams. Dreams are the energy of life, you need energy to climb a mountain, you might not see it yet, but you know you are on your way to the top... If the energy is exhausted, then the only way you have is down. But if you keep your dreams alive, you will eventually get to the top, and once there, you can enjoy the wonderful view.

You still need to climb it, but the effort will be well worth it.

To close I have one word for you..... RIIIIIIIINNNGGGGG!!! Wake up!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Federico Ruiz

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