Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For people to follow we got to lead the way.

Hello to all, after the wake up call to start dreaming again, the next step we need to take is lead the way...

Some people talk about how scarce Oil is, or food is going to be, or drinking water, but to me the most scarce element in today's world is leadership.

Leadership has nothing to do with your rank in a company, association or in your neighborhood, leadership is not something you get, is something your earn.

Today's topic is about earning it... are you ready to lead? are you willing to lead?

A leader, as defined by a friend and leader Randy Gage, is a person who makes other people willingly do things that on their own they would not do.

We all have things we would like to change in our lives both personally and in our environment, yet we do nothing, when this happens we are very likely waiting for a leader, and since they are so scarce, things stay the same.

A key feature of a leader is the ability to inspire, meaning being able to make other people see themselves better than they see themselves today. And we do this being an example to follow and by showing others the possibilities.

The idea behind this Blog is to make people a little bit better everyday, if we make the decision to be a little bit better everyday, people will see it in our actions and if they like what they see they will follow. Are we setting that example? Or we are afraid to raise above the mean and be seen?

My challenge for you today is that we rise above, if we have a better way of doing things, lets show everybody! Have you ever thought, If only people were as good as I am, the world would be a little bit better? Well you know what, I do believe you are great, but we need you show to it.

Lets do things right, and lead the way. Lets build a path for people to follow.

I already began my journey, have you?

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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