Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is just like anesthesia!

Hello to all... Yesterday my mother underwent surgery, which went great (Thanks for asking).

I spent the day with her, and was allowed to be next to her when she was just released from the Operation Room.

At first she had little to no control of her actions, she could not open her eyes, she could not move her arms and squeeze her hands, etc. In short she had no control.

But as time passed, she started to regain more control, she spoke better, her face looked more alert, and after an hour and a half she was pretty much 100% ready, when we were allowed to take her back home.

Later that day, I was thinking about today's topic for the Blog, and the story I had just lived seemed perfect!!!

Many people today live their lives sedated, under the effects of anesthesia and even worse is that they don't want to wake up.

When we are under the effects of anesthesia we are not in control, in fact we actually surrender our control to someone else, who we hope will do us more better than harm and we cannot recall anything that happened, until we wake up.

In the medical example it makes sense, because we otherwise would be harming our health, and doctors are willing to help us improve our quality of life.

But in our day to day, Who is "your doctor"?, What has you sedated?, Do you like it like that?

Well, let me tell you this... waking up is certainly unpleasant and slow (As described by my mom), but there is no better feeling than to regain control.

Let's wake up from the comfort of the Operation Room and take on life! It will take us sometime to regain control totally but it all begins by waking up.

Have a wonderful day!

Federico Ruiz

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