Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lotus Code, the roadmap to success... Part 1

Hello to all, during the week I attended a webinar conducted by Mark Yarnell, a great author and mentor. The webinar described the Lotus Code, which is an ancient code that summarizes the roadmap to success.

The Code has 6 steps, and you cannot skip any of them, because one is simply the consequence of the previous one.

But here it is, hoping you apply it to your everyday life like I have (Since yesterday at least :) )

Thoughts lead to Words
Words lead to Actions
Actions lead to Habits
Habits lead to Perseverance
Perseverance leads to Attainment

Simple right? It is, what is not so simple is to actually go through all of it from thoughts to attainment.

We all think about the things we want, and we even talk about them, but perhaps we don't do it as often, so we stop on talking and take no action.

Taking no action, means no habits and on to NO ATTAINMENT.

Actually getting the things you want have nothing to do with outside factors, but rather our lack of action, habits, perseverance.

I usually like to explain a little more, but the code is so simple yet powerful, that all I can say is.... Enough said!

To close, are you acting upon those things you really want? Or you are stuck at just talking about them? Take the extra step and wonderful things will begin to happen.

On Part 2 we'll talk about why acting upon it is so critical!

Until next time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Federico Ruiz

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