Friday, April 3, 2009

What if you meet yourself 10 years ago?

Since this blog is intended to push you to be better everyday, its absolutely logical to believe that 10 years from now you will be a different person.

The idea for this post came about during a conversation I had with my wife Isabela, we met each other in December of 2000. OK, no quite 10 years but you get the picture.

We were talking about those 9 years and the many things that have happened since then.
Many great stories came up, but as the conversation was developing it got more philosophical, and then the phrase was heard "I think that if I met myself today, I wouldn't even be my friend!"
I then began to point out all the prejudices I had, all the then-great but currently-obviously-poor perspective on things, etc. All in all, the conclusion is clear, as we travel through life we change.

Since today is Friday and the intention is to leave you with a weekend thought to reflect upon, try to go back 10 years, and check who you were, not only what you wore, because we all know we shouldn't be allowed outside dressed like that (Fashion also changes).

If you met yourself today and had a chance to go for a coffee, what would you advice that person? Are you really different today? perhaps you are pretty much the same person...

One thing is clear, if you are currently thinking " I am a great person, why should I change?" then you are in deep trouble! We can always be better. So TRY!

Have a nice weekend!! and let me know the things you have changed and are glad you did!

Until Monday,

Federico Ruiz

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