Friday, April 17, 2009

The freedom series - Defining Freedom

Freedom is such an important word in our vocabulary that we are constantly saying we want it.

But have you taken the time to think what freedom is? I am sure you go to the dictionary and will find something very convincing there, but What is freedom to you?

I can't recall who said this phrase but I proclaim it isn't mine!
"Freedom is the possibility of every human to define his/her own chains"

When I read it, I sure agreed! but if I agreed or not, is not the point of today's post.
What I intend to do is to get you to think and define what freedom means to you. What are the chains you would like to put on yourself? Who owns the chains that hold you today?

A big part of making this freedom definition work is that you need to give some detail to it. How does that look?
I am sure there are things today that you must do, but rather not do them. If those things disappeared, what would you do then?

I give you my definition of freedom: "Being able to use all my available resources to fulfill a need voluntarily"

It doesn't matter if it is Time, Money, Wisdom, Knowledge. If I have to use any of those, in an activity that I don't want to do, then my freedom has been reduced.

Of course we all have responsibilities and we certainly need to devote some of those resources to them, but if you do it voluntarily, then freedom is unharmed.

To finish, what is your Freedom index? Hope you start moving towards a 100%!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Until Monday!

Federico Ruiz

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