Monday, April 20, 2009

Freedom Series part 2 - Are you moving towards it?

On the previous freedom series post, we talked about defining freedom. I gave you a definition that I found interesting and also gave you my personal definition of it. I hope you took some time to think about what freedom means to you, and hopefully you got a better idea.

For those who didn't give it some thinking, then this post will not be as helpful, so please do it!!

Ok... today's topic is about whether or not we are actually making progress to obtain "that" we so dearly want.

In my case, when I realized what freedom meant to me, it was an eye-opener, because I was able to see where I wanted to go, and that immediately lead to checking out where I was... It certainly didn't look like freedom to me. And that is when "I made the decision" to go after it...

This is the most important part of today's post, to move towards freedom we need to "decide" and decision leads to "action".

My challenge to you today is this: How much do you really want it?, is it worth investing a few years of your life making important efforts to get it, or you will give up on it a few months from now?

Nobody can take you there, nobody can show the way, because the way really depends on what you defined it to be.

The journey will be nothing like you planned, it will be a LOT BETTER!

I close as I began... Are you moving towards it?

See you on Friday!

Have a nice day!

Federico Ruiz

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