Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes to solve our issues we need to step aside

First of all excuse the late post, its actually Tuesday now, but I know you 'll forgive me.

Today I want to bring up a more practical topic to the blog, and it has to do with solving our problems we face everyday.

It is a technique borrowed from the Trading Course that I am doing from Van K Tharp.

Many times when we are trying to solve an issue, the person that gets most in the way, is ourselves.

We try to over analyze things, the pros the cons, etc. that we become paralyzed, and there is no worse decision during a crisis, than no decision at all.

So the technique helps you deal with those situations, that you don't really know what is happening with you, but you know something is up. A "part" of you is trying to tell you something but you just cannot decipher it.

Well the suggestion in this case is to bring this "part" in front of you, and asking "it" what is that it needs. as you read this, it may sound just to weird, but give it a try! You will be impressed how suddenly you start to understand better what is going on, and begin to be on your way to solving the issue. It also works when you have an internal conflict, a "part" of you agrees, but another "part" does not. Just brings both parts out of you, put them in front, and let them figure out a solution.

Although this may seem absolutely ridiculous, it actually has psychology involved.

Aren't we great at figuring out solutions for problems our friends and families have? Don't you always know what has to be done in other people's situations, in order to solve the problem? Well that's exactly what we do by "Dissociating", we look at it, from the outside, we can see the whole picture.

Give it a try! They only way we grow and prosper, is by making choices about our current situation. The minute we can't chose, the minute we are stopped.

Let's keep moving forward together, I will be sharing more techniques learned in the course. They have really helped me!!

Have a wonderful Holy Week.

Until Friday!

Federico Ruiz

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