Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Opportunities are like pieces of a puzzle

I have been involved in a network marketing company for the past 6 months, and have learned a lot about myself and others, and one of those learnings is what I want to share with you today.

I have come to the conclusion that opportunities in our lives are like pieces of a puzzle. This not only applies to network marketing but to all opportunities out there.

I believe that what we think is greatly influenced by 3 main things: our past, our goals and our current situation. Our past is our experience, our goals is where we want to go, and our current situation is.. well our current situation, and this last one is the one we have the least control of and the one that is constantly changing.

Our life is like a puzzle that we are constantly building, and life provides the pieces of it.
Life offers a wide variety of pieces all the time, and it depends upon us to decide which pieces fit.

If an opportunity comes along, we take a look at it, and decide it just doesn't fit our puzzle, we discard it, but if "our current situation" changes, it is possible that the previously discarded piece is the one that now fits like a glove. Also previously selected pieces might not fit as good as we thought and we take them away from the puzzle.

In my business this has happened a few times. I offered someone the opportunity and they said NO, and then later they decide to give it a try and they are now one of the most committed members of my team.

My challenge for the week, you can't change your past, but YOU CAN change your goals and your current situation. So take a moment to think about what opportunities you might be saying NO to, that you might be looking to find them in the future.

When choosing, choose success.

Until Friday!!

Federico Ruiz

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