Friday, April 24, 2009

Freedom Series Part 3 - When do you intend to get it?

Continuing on this journey to freedom, today's topic its about timing. This is where all comes together and measurements can be made.

Previous topics were in a way philosophical and somewhat subjective, but this third part adds some real world spice to it.

Assuming you defined it, and realized you were either going towards it or straying away from it, one thing must be defined, WHEN. Although it looks like a simple word, defining when is really what determines all the actions that will be necessary to get there on-time.

To illustrate it with an example... If you wanted to go from New York (where you currently are) to Berlin (Freedom), there are many ways to get there and some are faster than others. You can Fly there non-stop, you can go by boat or you can swim (You will probably get there so tired that you won't enjoy it much, if you make it at all!) there, so defining "how long" is very important.

Now, the key of the when is that is has to be believable to you, and if it is, just imagine today what it will feel like to arrive (To freedom not Berlin!). I grin just by thinking about it! And being able to visualize how that feels its a very powerful motivator!

Along the way, there will probably many obstacles, circumstances may change and you definition may change a bit, but during those difficult times, close your eyes and "see it, feel it, hear it, smell it" and a solution will be found for all the current "problems".

If you are serious about it, find a person you trust and respect and share with him/her the estimated time of arrival, so you hold each other accountable for it.

Will you beat me there?... I don't care as long as you arrive!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until Monday.

Federico Ruiz

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