Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sometimes you step, sometimes you are kicked out of your comfort zone

Hello to all, I hope you are having a wonderful week just as I am...

Today I want to share a story that happened last week...

I am currently working for a company in the finance business, a small company but one that has taught me a lot.

Since the financial crisis began, the directors of the company did everything they could to avoid letting us go.

It turns out that all they tried was not enough, and this past week they asked me to reduce significantly the number of hours I worked for them, with a respective reduction in payment... As you might know I am currently developing a network marketing business, so that help me take the news pretty calmly.

I have to admit that my assignments had been drastically reduced, and I ended up with free time during the day.

During this period I did not feel well, because I felt I was not being really productive during my day, but I was COMFORTABLE... And this is where today's post really comes to live. Even though I was stepping out of my comfort zone by developing a new business venture, I was comfortable getting my paycheck as well, so being asked to reduce my hours and salary meant I was kicked out of my comfort zone, and the great thing was, that the minute I got the news, my brain started working again to figure out how to make up for this loss... I was given a great opportunity, and a couple days later I already had my day full of new, more productive, more fun and more challeging things to do!

My comfort was keeping me off my best, and now I can tap into it again!

I hope that you get the "hidden" message from this post, but I will give you a hint: Are you being as productive as you can or you are being as productive as you are asked to be?

Big difference between the two!

Have a wonderful week!!

Federico Ruiz

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