Sunday, August 30, 2009

LOVE is what makes it all work

Hello to all! I hope you had a wonderful week!

I just finished reading the book "Think and Grow Rich", and in it, I found a very powerful message, well there are many, but today I am going to talk about LOVE..

The phrase that struck me was something like this: "Love is what brings balance to our actions"

And when you think about it, it is absolutely right!

Think about it! If you are going to teach a class, and you add on top of it, that you are doing it with love, you transcend the teacher status into a higher realm..

If you are going to cook a meal, and you do it with love, it brings enjoyment to you and the people who are actually eating it.

If you are doing your job, and then on top of that you love what you do, then you are certainly going to raise above the rest...

On the other hand, if you are really good at what you do, but you don't love what you do, or perhaps do it because you HAVE TO, then although the end result might be OK, it will not have the added mystic that comes from things made with LOVE.

The final part, is that we can choose! We can choose to see all the things we don't like about what we do, and fall for that trap... or try to find those that actually makes us feel good, and bring the LOVE out!

That's this weekend's challenge!

Just in case you were wondering! I LOVE this blog!

Have a great end of the weekend and a greater week!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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