Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The best tool to do the job

Hello to all! I hope everything is great!

A few weeks ago, I was installing a new faucet for the filtered water in my house, the job was very simple in theory, just fix the faucet to the sink, attach the connections, plug the hose, clamp it firmly, and you are done...

If you have ever done anything that requires tools, and even worse when water is involved, you know it is never that simple....

But before I continue I must say, that I did not have the right tools to do that simple job, all I had was a pair of pliers and the helping hand of my wife.

To make a long story short, I had to assemble and disassemble the whole deal four times because every time I let the water flow, it would flow all over the floor...
Then I realized that if I had started it with the right tools, none of that would have happened. So I controlled my ego for the night, and the next day I went to my parents and borrowed some wrenches, ratchet and different sized sockets. I went under the sink for the fifth time, and voilá!

That situation made me think about all the things we try to do in our lives without the right tools, and then wonder Why did we fail?!

Think about those things you want to acquire, accomplish or get rid off, and then think if you currently have the right tools to do so.

It might be a good book, a seminar, a system, a partner or gadget, that's really not important. Here is a list for the tools that I am currently using to accomplish my goals and dreams:

My tools are Network Marketing as the best system to accomplish many of my goals, but to be successful at it, I have to become better, and for that I use books, audio programs and mentors. To make things happen in a NM business you must have a team, and we have one of the best. Since I do it part-time I also need a schedule so I organize my time better.

And to finish my toolbox I have the greatest wife and family to support me.

With that, success is inevitable. I know I will find my toolbox lacking in the future, as they are never complete.

But how are YOU doing in this very important topic? Do your inventory, and off to the "hardware" store!

Have a wonderful day!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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