Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kind and Memorable

Hello to all, this past weekend I was at my cousin's wedding, and during the sermon, there was a phrase from the priest, that I found great for this blog.

He said "Kind while alive, memorable when dead"

I believe that we can take a lot of good from this phrase...

Live everyday with joy, be kind, smile, say hello!, say Goodbye!, thank you! and most importantly, feel it.

Words are things we hear, but the way we say them makes people feel them.

Feelings and emotions are much more powerful than just words.

Go through the day trying to make most people happy, not at the expense of your own, but rather because you want to share your joy with them.

If we live like this everyday, I can guarantee you, that when we pass away, people will remember you for the many little things that made a difference in their life.

Do you know how I call people who are remembered with joy? Memorable.

Have a wonderful day.

Until next time.

Federico Ruiz

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