Friday, October 16, 2009

The inspiring phrases series - Part 2

Hello to all! I hope you are enjoying this series!

Continuing with the inspiring phrases, here is one that I recently heard in one of Jim Rohn's Audio programs called "The challenge to succeed"

Here it is:

"The formula for disaster: Could, Should, Won't"

WOW!!! So simple, yet it slaps you in the face!

Think about it, most of the problems and failures in life come from INACTION.
We know what need to do, and yet we don't.

Apply this to your life, and you will quickly see where you need to step it up a notch, and act.

For instance... I could walk 30 minutes everyday, I should walk 30 minutes everyday and yet I won't.... Guess where your health in going?

I could read a book to help me in whatever field I am now, I should read that book, and I don't... Guess where your skills and progress is going?

I could start working to secure my future, I certainly should and .... Are you?

Think about it, it starts with the simplest of things, and that is how we create a habit of making the little things happen, then bigger things and then great things... but start with the small ones.

I will now get to work to find the next phrase!

You could have a great weekend, you should have a great week... will you?

I hope you do!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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