Friday, February 5, 2010

Growthsperity #9 - 8 pilares de la Prosperidad Pilar 2 ECONOMÍA

Hola a todos, espero que hayan pasado una excelente semana, acá les comparto el segundo pilar de la prosperidad según James Allen...

Definitivamente hay que trabajar en este pilar!

Espero sus comentarios!

Federico Ruiz

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English Comment:

Hello to all!! Here is the second pillar of prosperity according to James Allen, and his book of the same name.

This pillar is not only focused on the financial part of the economy, which we usually tend to relate to the word economy.

Economy is mostly about all the resources, so we need to pay close attention to all of them.

Mr Allen says there are 4 elements of the economy that we need to master, and that is attained by:

Moderation: We need to avoid the extremes, neither being cheap and cut on the resources necessary, nor go crazy and spend beyond what is necessary..

Efficiency: How do we use our resources, and not only the outside resources, such as time, money, human resources, but also our energy... If we spend a lot of time angry and complaining, that is energy wasted in things that are not helping us move forward to our goal. So if it doesn't help our cause... stop doing it!

Resourcefulness: This is referred to our ability to come up with solutions, quickly and efficiently, forget about spend a lot of time figuring out a way, think fast!! and put it into action, if you miss it will not be because of inaction, and you would have learned something!

Originality: Come up with new ways of doing things, forget the paradigms, we might be able to solve problems easily and cheaper, but that only happens when we are creative and come up with original solutions...

Well there you have it!

I think we have a lot of homework to do!!

Until the third pillar! Integrity!

Have a nice weekend!


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