Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growthsperity #10 - 8 pilares de la Prosperidad Pilar 3 INTEGRIDAD

Hola a todos seguimos revisando los pilares de la prosperidad de James Allen, el pilar de la Integridad nos ofrece excelente beneficios, déjame tu comentario abajo!



English Translation:
Hello to all, welcome to Growthsperity!

Todays pillar from the 8 pillar of prosperity from James Allen, is the pillar of Integrity...

I think we all agree that integrity is key not only in business but in all aspects of life. So instead of talking about its obvious importance, I am going to focus on commenting the 4 elements that comprise Integrity accoding to Mr Allen, and I agree!

The first one if Honesty: Honesty is critical in all we do, but we must practice it.. an example would be let's say we are in the middle of a negotiation, if we are honest, we should be looking to obtain what is best for both parties, and not think about what would give me the better deal, if the price we are offered is too low we would not accept it, right? Well, if we are the buyer, then we shouldn't accept a low price offered to us either, we should be fair in all aspects of life...

The second one is Fearlessness, when you operate from integrity, you have nothing to fear, you don't have wrong doings that people can call on you, so you can move forward with certainty and with purpose, which is our next element...

Purposefulness, is the result of not having a thing to fear, and when you move with purpose you get better results, you don't spend time wondering around and in doubt, making you much more efficient.

And last but not least, Integrity gives you invincibility, not an invincibility that doesn't allow you to fail, but rather that sense that when you do everything with integrity and rightminded, everything will probably come out right as well, if we made a wrong decision, it is best that not deciding at all. We can learn from it, and continue moving now better prepared, this is the kind of invincibility that operating from Integrity gives you.. Definitely great things to have with you don't you think?

Thanks for listening, and the next pillar will be System, very important if we want to makes things happen!

Until next time!!

Federico Ruiz

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