Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who wants to live in Pandora?

Hello to all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a productive Monday!

Last night I was finally able to go watch the movie AVATAR...Wow I was really impressed, not by the special effects and animation which were great, but of the great messages provided by the na'vi.

In the movie they portray the human race as the most inhuman of all, but in reality many things similar are happening today in our world.

Nevertheless, it also gives us hope because not all humans were blind about the disaster that was happening.

What a wonderful message the na'vi had to be able to literally connect with their land, their nature. I think we have many things to think about the way we see our nature Is it simply the place where we are, or do we see it as a mother that gives us everything?

I don't want to talk much about the movie just in case some of you have not seen it, that would be a terrible thing for me to do! But I do want to invite you, if you already seen it, to become a na'vi on Earth, and if you have not seen it GO WATCH IT! There are many beautiful messages in the movie, go with your heart open and willing to be touched by the movie.

Since this Blog is about growth and prosperity, in this case I think that in order for us to have sustainable prosperity, we need to take care of this awesome planet, lets start by not dropping that little piece of paper on the floor, not leaving the can of beer on the beach, and many little things that will make a difference...

Lets open our ears to hear the beautiful messages our Earth is giving us every single second, enjoy the sounds of the ocean, the wind, the rain, the singing of the birds, the tireless work of insects, the different scents...

If you think about it, we are bombarded by messages from our Planet, lets unclog our senses, and that will open our hearts...

My best wishes to all for you!

Federico Ruiz

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