Monday, September 28, 2009

And we're Back!

Hello to all! I hope you enjoyed your vacations from Growthsperity, well actually I hope you didn't! :)

I have been out on vacation, but a vacation from which I come with great learnings, and I will be sharing those stories in the next few days... I am going to post more often this couple of weeks to make up for the lost posts...

I wanted to say to you, that I missed you... not being able to write, was certainly not good! Once you start doing something you love, and then for circumstances you are pulled away for a little time, doesn't feel good...

So today's message is this, stick to doing the things you love, even the little things... If it is reading a book, doing your nails, cooking, a glass of wine... anything... Please don't let everyday life's hassles pull you away from them for too long. A long time away from them, will make you believe you don't need them, and that will start to make your life a little emptier. So don't let it happen!!!

Its good to be back!!

Until next time!

Federico Ruiz

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